A C E G H I L O R S T 


AbstractAlarmListener - Class in com.solab.alarms.remote
A base class for remote alarm listeners.
AbstractAlarmListener() - Constructor for class com.solab.alarms.remote.AbstractAlarmListener


channelRead0(ChannelHandlerContext, HttpRequest) - Method in class com.solab.alarms.remote.http.HttpRequestHandler
com.solab.alarms.remote - package com.solab.alarms.remote
com.solab.alarms.remote.http - package com.solab.alarms.remote.http


emptyResp - Static variable in class com.solab.alarms.remote.http.HttpRequestHandler


getAlarmSender() - Method in class com.solab.alarms.remote.AbstractAlarmListener
Returns the AlarmSender used to send alarms received remotely.


HttpAlarmListener - Class in com.solab.alarms.remote
A very simple remote alarm listener that dispatches HTTP requests.
HttpAlarmListener(int) - Constructor for class com.solab.alarms.remote.HttpAlarmListener
Creates a new instance, which will listen on the specified port when started.
HttpRequestHandler - Class in com.solab.alarms.remote.http
The HTTP request handler.
HttpRequestHandler(AlarmSender) - Constructor for class com.solab.alarms.remote.http.HttpRequestHandler


init() - Method in class com.solab.alarms.remote.AbstractAlarmListener
This method can be called by a DI manager.


log - Variable in class com.solab.alarms.remote.AbstractAlarmListener


okResp - Static variable in class com.solab.alarms.remote.http.HttpRequestHandler


run() - Method in class com.solab.alarms.remote.HttpAlarmListener
Starts the HTTP server.
run() - Method in class com.solab.alarms.remote.TextSocketListener
Starts the server, blocking the calling thread.


setAlarmSender(AlarmSender) - Method in class com.solab.alarms.remote.AbstractAlarmListener
Sets the AlarmSender which will be used to send the alarms received remotely.
setAutostart(boolean) - Method in class com.solab.alarms.remote.AbstractAlarmListener
Tells the listener whether to autostart.
setReadTimeout(int) - Method in class com.solab.alarms.remote.TextSocketListener
Sets the read timeout for each connection, in milliseconds.
shutdown() - Method in class com.solab.alarms.remote.AbstractAlarmListener
Command the received to stop listening for incoming requests.
shutdown() - Method in class com.solab.alarms.remote.HttpAlarmListener
Shuts down the HTTP server.
shutdown() - Method in class com.solab.alarms.remote.TextSocketListener
Shuts down the server, closing the ServerSocket.
startListening() - Method in class com.solab.alarms.remote.AbstractAlarmListener
Starts a thread with itself as the target.


TextSocketListener - Class in com.solab.alarms.remote
A very simple remote alarm listener.
TextSocketListener(int) - Constructor for class com.solab.alarms.remote.TextSocketListener
Creates a new instance that will listen for incoming connections on the specified TCP port when started.
tpool - Variable in class com.solab.alarms.remote.AbstractAlarmListener